Sedation Dentistry

We Can Help You Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist!

Ease your anxiety and relax with sedation dentistry…

Patients who have an extreme fear of the dentist often postpone or avoid dental visits, neglecting their oral health and putting them at risk for tooth loss, gum disease, and overall health problems.

Sedation dentistry is a safe and simple way to significantly reduce or eliminate fear and anxiety associate with dental treatment. At Dr. Gonzalez’ office, our sedation specialist utilizes sedation treatments to manage patient anxiety before and during treatment. Your comfort and care are always our priority.

For our patients with dental office anxieties, sedation treatment enables a stress-free environment and virtually eliminates the pain associated with dental procedures. Your sedation specialist will discuss your concerns and create a treatment plan personalized to your needs.

At Dr. Gonzalez’ office we offer oral sedative medications and Nitrous Oxide sedation.

  • – Oral sedative medications can significantly reduce your fears and discomfort. Unlike general anesthesia, which renders the patient completely unconscious, oral conscious sedation allows you to speak and breathe on your own. Although you will not actually be asleep, you will experience heightened state of relaxation.
  • – Nitrous Oxide, sometimes referred to as laughing gas, is best for cases of mild anxiety and is the most frequently used sedation method. Nitrous Oxide has been in use in dentistry since 1844! During Nitrous Oxide sedation, you remain conscious and able to breathe on you own.

The benefits of Nitrous Oxide:

  • – Effective for mild anxiety
  • – Proven safety record
  • – Has analgesic (pain relieving) effect
  • – Fast acting with few side effects
  • – You don’t need someone to escort you to and from the office
  • – Patients recover from the effect very quickly
  • – You can return to normal activities immediately
  • – Inexpensive

What will happen at your sedation dentistry appointment:

Two appointments are generally required for a procedure utilizing sedation dentistry. At you first visit Dr. Gonzalez will take a detailed health history, do an oral exam, X-rays, and a pre-sedation assessment. You will then be given a prescription for a sedative medication in the form of a pill that you will be required to take the night before the appointment and possibly one for the next morning before arriving at the office.

On your second visit, you will be required to have a companion bring you to and from the office. Once you arrive, you will take additional medications (if required) to ensure that you are completely relaxed and comfortable. Be assured, your comfort level will be monitored throughout the entire visit. We recommend taking the day off on the day of the treatment.

Sedation Dentistry is a safe, easy and effective for mild to moderate degrees of anxiety.